May 19, 2022

Adult Stem Cell Therapy Jouvence Medical

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After years of searching for the proverbial “fountain of youth” aging has become a treatable condition which can be managed and even slowed down. This is an astounding statement, but even more astounding is the cutting edge medical technology which makes it true.
For years, conventional “wisdom” taught that aging and disease are simply a byproduct of getting older. However, over the last few decades, hard scientific research and carefully tested anti-aging therapies for now to prove that we actually can live longer, healthier and happier and lives.

Meet the Doctor

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As a Mayo Clinic trained veteran of medical science with over half a century of experienceDr. Burton Feinerman has dedicated his practice to personalized rejuvenative and regenerative medicine. Dr. Feinerman creates customized innovative strategies which help his patients fight off disease and prolong both the length and the quality of their lives. His ultimate goal is each patient’s total rejuvenation and wellness.

Stem Cell Therapy

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For thousands of years, people have been searching for strategies to help them combat disease and prolong the length and the quality of their lives. Today, stem cell research has created stunning possibilities to accomplish this. Scientific advances now can empower a patient’s own body to literally rebuild itself using their own adult stem cells to combat aging, chronic disease and illness.
Advanced medical technology now can help you fight the aging process and combat a variety of diseases that otherwise might have been untreatable.