May 19, 2022

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Fencing in My Area The second discipline is saber

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Fencing is a competitive group of three disciplines. The three disciplines in fencing are the epee, the saber, and the foil; winning competitions are made through the contact of the weapons with an opponent. The first part of the fencing discipline is known as the epee.

Fencing in My Area

It is similar to fencing in that it combines agility with strength and practice in the use of the head, hand, and legs. Like fencing, the epee also requires uniformity in form and function; this is one reason why many companies in my area have had fencing schools.

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The second discipline is saber. It differs from epee in that the weapons used are longer and heavier, and sabers are primarily used for competitive fencing. Like epee, saber competition originated in the early 18th century; competition was fierce among fencing schools in the region. Today there are over forty different styles of saber, and most sabers are long-bladed weapons with a tapered shape and a “point”.

The third discipline, foil, is the smallest of the three and arguably the most difficult. This is where foil swordsmen contend with each other using only their swords for combat mastergroups -modular walls. foil also differs from care in that its blade does not stop when pressed against a target, unlike sabre which stops when the blade touches the ground or the buttock.

This allows foil fencers to “counter-attack” if they are attacked before they can reach their opponent. With modern fencing technology being so prevalent in my hometown of Eastvale, California, I am very fortunate that the entire area is dedicated to the sport of fencing.