May 19, 2022

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IV Vitamin Therapy

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IV Vitamin TherapyYour body’s cells receive blood detoxification and skin rejuvenation during Intravenous Vitamin Therapy. IV Vitamin Therapy is an effective method to deliver safe and healthy doses of natural vitamins and minerals to a patient directly into their own circulatory system. Bypassing the digestive system is a main advantage of IV nutrition.

Vitamins or supplements given orally are processed through the stomach and the intestines. Often they are rendered inactive in the digestive tract, or may not be well absorbed. Higher than normal blood levels can be achieved by administering nutrients directly to the circulatory system. These increased levels can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting deficiencies that may be present.

IV Vitamin TherapyVitamins, minerals, and amino acids are put directly into the patient’s bloodstream achieving maximum absorption. High dose Vitamin C in conjunction with a careful balance of other vitamins, minerals and supplements has been shown to be beneficial in improving many conditions by enhancing the anabolic processes of the body.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy include:

  • Increased tissue integrity
  • Improved organ function
  • Enhanced immune system

IV Vitamin Therapy is often used as an anti-aging adjunct to boost circulation and metabolism, increase energy, vitality, memory, and concentration while eliminating toxins that cause fatigue and unhealthiness. Vitamin B-12, vitamin C, magnesium, and other natural elements are prescribed and your body quickly puts to use. These carefully administered treatments provide remedies for fatigue, muscle aches, tense nerves, and for overall vitality.

IV Vitamin Therapy can help maintain your energy and invigorate your spirit. Each IV infusion is physician supervised and customized for each patient to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimal side effects. Intravenous Vitamin Therapy is designed for those who want to achieve internal and external enhancement.