January 17, 2022

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Medical Weight loss

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Medical Weight LossNow you can put fad diets, frustration and repeated failure in the past with science.

Weight loss programs at Jouvence Medical are tailored to each individual through innovative programs of diet, exercise and, most importantly, specific bio-identical hormone therapies.

Obesity is a national epidemic, a personal challenge for many and proven to shorten life expectancy. Science has proven that several hormones directly affect metabolism and weight. A recent scientific study revealed that obese people have lower than normal levels of growth hormone in their body which makes it harder for them to lose weight. This scientific study looked at the effects of giving obese people low doses of human growth hormone to help them selectively lose fat while retaining lean muscle tissue. The people who completed the treatment and follow up lost an average of 5 pounds and kept it off. Researchers say the weight loss was entirely caused by a loss of body fat and that the human growth hormone also improved cholesterol profiles, increasing the level of “good” HDL cholesterol by 19%.

Medical Weight LossEach patient at Jouvence Medical is given a personal comprehensive physical evaluation which includes metabolic and endocrine system functionality tests. Then, without the boredom and repetition of traditional diets, physician tested variations of the Ketogenic, Fat Flush, Okinawa and Mediterranean Diets are customized and prescribed according to each patient’s needs. Innovative hormone therapy is also used to signal the brain that the body has had enough to eat and is satiated. Among other hormones, patients may be prescribed leptin, a protein hormone which regulates energy intake and energy expenditure, reduces appetite and increases metabolism. Weight loss is dramatic and sustainable. Instead of enduring a silent struggle and personal sacrifice, you now can achieve and maintain weight loss through science.