May 18, 2022

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Pressure Washing of Paving Equipment and The EPA

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Many pressure washing companies will be pleased to undertake extra work when a company requires them up to come and clean, but the times of cleaning asphalt compactors, steamrollers, paving equipment with gas are eliminated forever. If you’re stuck doing it the conventional way it is a $1,000 penalties in the USA, fist crime and you pay for the cleanup.

Pressure Washing

It’s currently prohibited every in the united states and Canada to hose down paving equipment this way several pressure washing. This is only because one gallon of Diesel fuel can pollute one million gallons of clean drinking water regarding the allowable limits to safe potable water supplies.

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There are, nevertheless ways to wash and retain your rich and take that water to get therapy. In our business we use a vacu-boom system; See the link to get a photo of the containment apparatus to accumulate the waste water:

A normal paving system like this costs $250,000. It has to be washed off at the end of every day with a comprehensive cleaning after fourteen days work, or even it will develop rather than come off, even like a Cement Truck. Dirty machines don’t function as efficiently.

Daily support to get a moderate-sized paving unit ought to be in the area of $45 and we charge $85 for a week comprehensive cleaning, however, you’ll need to judge your marketplace and contest before you place your own prices.

On your area, you might have a number of the very same names. You may want to learn who the larger fish are and put your prices accordingly once you set your fundamental pricing arrangements based on demand and supply for services and competition in your marketplace.

Little asphalt compactors are all about a 15 – 20 minute job, after your team becomes great at it. At $125,000 average cost, it’s well worth a fast blasting per week and all of the operators understand this. Most paving firms also have a fleet of ten wheeler dump trucks.

These also require cleaning on a regular speedy schedule. In addition, we advise offering detailing solutions to those companies because of their dump trucks, which is detailed on a rotating schedule with other dump trucks, two per week.

Maintain your pressure washing company EPA compliant and take care not to forget paving businesses, there are generally anywhere from three to some half a dozen these firms recorded in most telephone books, even in suburban or rural markets. Consider it.