January 17, 2022

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hill 5393685 340

The Fence Company Fights For Its Workers

The notice reminds that Milwaukee Fence Co, formerly known as Wisconsin Bar Boring Company, has been permanently reinstated as a qualified bidder on federally and state-aided construction projects and subcontracted jobs.

Fence Company Fights

For more information, contact Harold M Dickson at the Milwaukee Fence Co, P.O. Box 925 Wisconsin Dickson Assoc. Also, Wisconsin Division of Grants, Government Contractors, and Office of Economic Development, Office of Policy and Management Services.

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Recently, the news was published that the fence company filed for bankruptcy. This is surprising because in the past, they have been strong and consistently profitable Milwaukee fence installation. The reasons given are that they have expanded their business to include fencing in other states such as Minnesota and New Mexico. Even so, this is still a bad sign for the economy.

Any expansion is problematic, but Wisconsin is hurting badly in the overall economy because of the recession. It must be understood that the primary problem here is that there are many in the labor force who are leaving the industry, finding work elsewhere, or taking pay cuts.

The fencing company was involved in the massive building of the Lake Michigan Intracoastal Waterway that runs through the Wausau Valley and into Wisconsin. When it was finished, it was over two miles long, yet today it is only one mile long. There are still people working on the project, but evidently, they cannot finish the job in the current configuration.

Apparently, the main issue is that the new system is difficult to install. It is also prone to breakdowns due to the weather. The workers have tried to remedy these issues by bringing in extra help from contractors and electricians. Yet, despite their best efforts, the Lake Michigan accident still happened. Nobody was hurt in that incident, although some property was damaged.

The current owner of the Milwaukee Fence Co. is somewhat upset with the whole situation. The company has already spent millions of dollars on the new system, and it now appears that it is not working at all. The general opinion is that whoever is in charge of operations at Milwauley fence will have to re-evaluate the entire project. He has already ordered up new equipment, which should start appearing within a couple of weeks.

When it comes to the Wisconsin side of the fence, however, things look much better. Wisconsin DNR has actually been quite helpful in assuring that fencing goes up and down the Lake rather than in just one area. This should help to solve this particular problem, at least, as Wisconsin residents are used to having this problem in the town of Milwaukee, but it does remain a problem for the surrounding counties as well.