May 18, 2022

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alternative medicine 1327808 340

Vancouver Massage Therapist Arrested On False Claims

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A Vancouver massage therapist was arrested on suspicion of performing vaginal sex acts on a woman whose body was found at the scene of an attempted break-in. 33-year-old Susan Smith is a registered sex offender. The fact that she is a massage therapist should not be a reason for concern to anyone.

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Unfortunately, it appears that there are some in the law enforcement community that seems to have a more subjective point of view than the objective one. The fact is that police were notified that Smith had been doing something that was inappropriate with a client.

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Police were dispatched to the massage business just after closing for the night and noticed a very active and loud male client entering the shop. He was escorted outside by another employee and later identified as a massage therapist.

The employees were then asked if they would like to see the massage therapist’s client. One of the women said yes, without really knowing what she was agreeing to rmt vancouver downtown. It was at this time that the suspect began to grab one of the employees’ arms and begin to drag her out of the store.

Susan Smith immediately lets the female employee know that she would not allow such aggressive treatment of another female customer. This type of treatment was not acceptable and she would not tolerate it. One of the female employees then told the police what had happened.

Once the male suspect was taken into custody by police, the female employee immediately filed a police report claiming assault and battery. The police are now conducting an investigation to determine if the account is accurate.

Susan Smith is one of many massage therapists that make their living by providing bodywork to the general public. There are many misconceptions about what constitute “bodywork.” For example, one could argue that the process of rubbing a customer down with oils is also massage, even though there is no contact between the masseuse and the customer in any way. The problem is that regardless of how the term is used, it is still abuse and inappropriate.

If you ever encounter a massage therapist who is either abusive or uses improper techniques on their clients, you should report them immediately. There may be witnesses to the incident and tapes or photographs to document it. The pictures can be displayed in a court of law. Furthermore, if it is you feeling your rights are being violated by a massage therapist, you should not hesitate to take your case to the police and demand a criminal investigation into the matter.

In the end, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. If a massage therapist does not have the appropriate training or knowledge to give proper care and attention to a client, they should not be in the business. You should have the right to be treated with dignity and not be abused.

When one of the suspects in this particular massage case decided to make threats against the customer and the employees of the store, it sends a clear message to other massage therapists that you can be a victim and no one will protect you. All it takes is one customer to spread false gossip about another, which is exactly what has happened with the Vancouver Police Department.