May 19, 2022

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vaccine 5926664 340

Covid Testing Sites Near Me

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When I was in the U.S. military I had an opportunity to work at several radar gunnery training sites in and around the states of Arizona, California, and New Mexico. The training was focused on how to use a radar gun to assist in tactical situations as well as long-term suppression of enemy radar transmissions.

Covid Testing Sites

As an officer, I was involved with planning and executing day-to-day operations involving the use of radar guns to combat this enemy threat. During one of my many shifts at one of these gunnery training sites near me, we were instructed by the base command that we would be required to go for a “Covid” ( CWX) test the next day.

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My shift supervisor told me that the next day we would be going for covid testing sites near me to check our progress. This was unusual but not a cause for alarm. I was told that if I did not post my findings on the net, I would face disciplinary action from base headquarters.

I was not concerned about this particular punishment because I was happy to be moving up to a higher rank such as squadron leader and soon to become an assistant squadron leader home covid tests. Still, I was a little concerned about the possibility of punishment for reporting something that I had not seen in the last several weeks.

I decided to make sure that I reported what I had observed, to which I did report that a small radar gun, similar to the type used on fighter aircraft, was “stealthy” and not visible to anyone on the base. The base leadership seemed satisfied and I was finally allowed to move up to the next level in my job!