January 19, 2022

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Dietary Supplements: The Dangers That Are Hidden Under the Federal Legislation

Dietary Supplements have been around for many years but with the introduction of the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act of 1994 many people are aware of the importance of dietary supplements in providing important nutrients and other health benefits.

Dietary Supplements

The Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act of 1994 has made nutrition more aware and proactive. This act was introduced by the President of the United States when he wanted to make nutrition a better subject in schools. The dietary supplements act has brought a drastic change in the way dietary supplements are marketed.

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Before the act was introduced, no dietary supplement had to be certified by the FMCSA unless it carried the seal of the National Institute of Health. Under the new act, any dietary supplements that contain vitamins or minerals other than those permitted by the FMCSA must have a National Certificate of Nutrition.

All dietary supplements must also display the nutrition information and dietary ingredients on the label and provide the information needed by consumers to make informed decisions about the supplement they are using weight loss supplement. The act also requires that all dietary supplements are accompanied by clear and effective disclosure statements. Dietary supplements have become mandatory and this makes them a great consumer protection tool as well.

Before the act was introduced nutrition labeling had been largely ineffective in terms of identifying the ingredients and contaminants in dietary supplements. It was difficult to determine whether or not the dietary ingredients were contaminated and there was no way of knowing whether the company handling the ingredients was really processing them under safe conditions.

Under the new act, all dietary supplements have to be clearly identified on the label and all company information and contact details stated. The nutrition information must be provided and it should be specified how the product is processed, how it is packaged, and what processes are used to ensure safety. The act has made it mandatory for companies to ensure that all their ingredients are natural and chemical-free so that consumers are better protected.