January 19, 2022

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Paint Painters in Cape Town Are Bringing Modern Art to Traditional Street Arts

Spray painters in Cape Town have taken up the challenge of bringing modern art to traditional street arts. Many local artists are starting to paint non-conventional images on the walls of buildings and houses. This is part of an artistic reinvention of Cape Town, which includes painting buildings themselves, with the help of modern technology.

Paint Painters in Cape Town

One building that has been newly refurbished and repainted with spray paint is the old police station, which is being turned into a contemporary art studio. Other artists are using their spray paint skills to create a number of unique murals in the streets, including a street painting project that involved street musicians painting graffiti on the side of buses.

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In the past, when traditional artists were asked to participate in the reinvention of the traditional street arts, they declined, as they felt that the city was too small and that change would be disruptive house exterior painters. Now, many of the traditional artists are starting to paint in Cape Town again. A recent exhibition at the Saanen Art Gallery in Cape Town showcased over 40 modernist paintings by international artists.

Many of the artists displayed included the German group Bauhaus, which incorporated the use of complex color techniques. Other modern artists have included bright colors and vibrant imagery to create an eclectic blend of visual interests.

Some of the new spray painters in Cape Town include Rufus De Konings, whom many regards as one of the most talented young artists of the 21st century. The exhibition at the Saanen Gallery featured work by young South African painters who would not normally be seen together, including Bauhaus and Japanese sensation Takashi Murakami.

There are also many artisans who began painting as a way to earn a living and have now turned their efforts to spray paint. Cape Town is a great place to explore spray painting, and the artists of today are taking the best of what is available to create exciting new works of art.